A Word From the Artistic Director

“Make our garden grow.” – these words from the visionary finale of Leonard Bernstein’s Candide guided me when I installed the International Summer Academy in Germany twelve years ago, in 1994. My dream was exactly that: to help young talented singers to make their gardens grow, give them a chance to further develop their artistic skills and assist them in blossoming as artists, performers and human beings. The creative and inspiring environment of the baroque monastery of Bernried near Munich, right on the  shores of lake Starnberg, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Bavaria provides an atmosphere that allows each of the participants to grow. Artistic growth takes place on many levels.

Mastering one’s singing technique is an important aspect of opera. But there is more to opera than just the right technique. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose German-language songs and operas were the focus of last year’s International Summer Academy, always reminded the singers in his operas to “think carefully of the meaning and force of the words.” And Anna Moffo once said during a master class at our Summer Academy: “I like to teach singers what happens beyond the notes. In addition to the singing part, the interpretation of the emotional level is part of it, so that the figure on stage becomes alive.”

Another aspect of artistic growth is the introduction of young artists to different cultures - giving them the possibility to learn about their neighbors and to enjoy the differences and see the world with different eyes. Because if we continue to search for beauty and humanity in other cultures it gives us the chance to change and broaden our own.

Our Academy was never meant to be just another overseas summer program. From the very beginning it was based on the idea of nurturing young artists to discover and strengthen their singular beauty and give their best. At Elysium’s International Summer Academy for young singers we are committed to help singers develop their talent and take their performance to a new level. Our goal is that you become the artist you want to be and that the special aspects of your singing come through.

Make your garden grow!

With best regards,

Gregorij H. von Leïtis

Become the artist you want to be
Let the special aspects of your singing come through