Fostering artistic and academic dialogue, creative and educational exchange, and mutual friendship between the USA and Europe - especially the German-speaking countries. Fighting against discrimination, racism, and anti-Semitism by means of art.
      Since its foundation in 1983, Elysium has established itself as a vital force at the intersection of American and European cultures through theatre plays, operas, concerts, lectures, and exhibitions.
      Our commitment is to focus on the power of art in daily life - using it as a way to build bridges between nations and ethnic and religious groups - in order to heal historic rifts and foster better understanding.
       Since 1995 our special concern has been to unearth and present works of artists exiled and persecuted by the fascist regimes of the mid twentieth century. Among those artists are composers such as Viktor Ullmann, whose opera The Emperor of Atlantis, composed in the ghetto and concentration camp Theresienstadt, Elysium put on stage in New York, or Ernst Krenek, whose opera What Price Confidence Elysium presented both in New York and in Italy for the very first time. Our work as the first and at that time only organization in New York City dedicated to the rediscovery of this long neglected heritage has had trailblazing effects.
       The Elysium Festival in the picturesque Bavarian village of Bernried on the shores of Lake Starnberg, south of Munich (Germany), offers a unique platform for artists from the US and other European countries to showcase their talent and work.
       Elysium's Annual International Summer Academy fosters the artistic growth of young singers and expands their cultural horizons. Since the inception of the Summer Academy, scholarships have been granted every year to young talented artists.
       The Academy of Continuing Education in the Arts wants to offer an environment in which both artist and audience can develop their creative potential and celebrate human diversity. To this end we regularly offer master classes and workshops, but also seminars for artists and people who are interested in the arts.
       In addition, Elysium - Between Two Continents presents the Annual Erwin Piscator Award, honoring his legacy of political theatre, a forum for the individual's ability to effect change.
       Elysium - Between Two Continents, Inc. is registered as a non-profit organization. It is governed by an independent Board of Directors and not affiliated with any university, religious or governmental body. Any donation is tax exempt to the extent of the law and is gratefully acknowledged and deeply appreciated.